We are proud to provide four distinct types of projects for singers to participate in: Concert Projects, Recital Projects, Opera Projects, and Contemporary Projects. Each project type has its own flavor, but the underlying goal is the same: to bring exceptional singers together, to make music, and to provide opportunities for artists to further develop their performance and musicianship skills.

Contemporary Projects

 - Our newest initiative -

Bringing the works of living composers to life. Redefining classical music and singers.


Contemporary Projects will bring the work of living composers to life with an emphasis on celebrating diversity and expanding the definition of classical music.

This new initiative launches in the 2017-2018 season with the world premiere of Tabula Rasa, a new opera by Felix Jarrar and Brittany Goodwin.

Concert Projects

Concert Projects are the ultimate vehicle for collaboration, creativity, and repertoire exploration. With few rules and restrictions to adhere to, the possibilities The word "concert" comes from the Italian concertare "harmonize," which in turn comes from the French concerter "unite, cause to agree."

Opera Projects

Opera Projects are the ultimate integration of drama, text, acting, music, and singing. With over 400 years of material and new works emerging each day, opera is a tradition that is as much a part of the present as it is the past.

Recital Projects

Recital Projects highlight individual singers and their craft on a more intimate scale. Recital Artists will take on the responsibility of preparing a program of their choosing, selecting repertoire that is of personal and/or professional significance.